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Good physical fitness is extremely important as we grow older.  Michael's passion for fitness is evident as he trains seniors on strength and balance.

  • Balance is important to avoid falls and strengthen reflexes for quicker reactions

  • Good posture is vital to one's balance and helps avoid kyphosis

  • Strength training maintains and builds muscles that are paramount to everyday activities like climbing steps, getting in and out of a car, hiking in the park, enjoying sports and playing with grandchildren

This agile 50-something ACE (American Council on Exercise) -certified Personal Trainer is serious about good health for all ages. As a rabbi, Michael has the perspective of achieving physical health and overall well-being.  


At Home Senior Fitness, LLC

Fitness for Adults and Seniors in Beachwood, Pepper Pike, and The Heights. Virtual sessions are available for all clients outside this region.


Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Stunning Results

Very attentive and conscientious; stays focused on the client and the tasks at hand.

Has the client's best interest at heart, including drinking enough water and time out if needed. Keeps the workout varied and interesting.

Very supportive; maintains a positive and encouraging attitude which propels client to do his or her best.​ It is obvious that Rabbi Ungar enjoys fitness training. It's not just a job; it's a passion- and it shows!

F. H

You (Michael) are always prepared with a plan for the lesson, new exercises that wear me out but aren’t too hard.

T. K

You (Michael) excelled in that you seemed to understand my goals and limits. The program you offered me was well-fitted to my capabilities.  You explained the program clearly and patiently.  You have a great sense of humor and have excellent social skills.  You make learning enjoyable.

S. D


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